Current Leaders

Library Director: Yi Lixin

Party Secretary: Pei Jinsong

Deputy Director: Zheng Lan


Library Departments

Departments Primary Responsibilities Department Head and Contact Information
Administration Office general administrative support, external liaison, reception and meeting organization, financial and personnel affairs, management of access system and self-study room Dean: Yang Shaohui
Tel.: 51684383
Addr.: Room 105 (Main-campus Library)
Reading Department short-term loan service, open/closed-shelves reading for Chinese books, Chinese and foreign language reference books, current/old journals, Chinese newspapers Dean: Qiu Dan
Tel.: 51683472
Addr.: Second floor (Main-campus Library)
Circulation Department loan service for Chinese and foreign language books, library card management, 
fines and fees, interlibrary loan service, collecting the print and electronic theses and dissertations
Dean: Song Jiao
Tel.: 51683474
Addr.: Third floor (Main-campus Library)
Reference Department Sci-tech originality check, information literacy instruction, database training, document delivery service, included and cited status confirmation, daily consultation, information desk. Dean: Cui Yan
Tel.: 51683470
Addr.: Room 109 (Main-campus Library)
Acquisition and Cataloguing Departrment Collect and organize literature resources, check and accept literature assets, distribute collections. Dean: Ding Na
Tel.: 51688548
Addr.: Room 119 (Main-campus Library)
Technical Department Technical support, multimedia and teaching services, download service for the CDs attached with books. Dean: Han Zhihang
Tel.: 51688598
Addr.: Fourth floor (Main-campus Library)
Special Collections Department ancient thread-bound books, historical railway materials, theses and dissertations of BJTU graduates Dean: Song Xue
Tel.: 51684604
Addr.: Sixth floor (Main-campus Library)