ILL Service


BJTU Library provides the readers with inter-library loan service (ILL). The readers can use the Balis system(Beijing Academic Library & Information System) for ILL to borrow paper books free of charge from more than 80 libraries in Beijing.

1.Balis inter-library loan members: 

  • more than 80 college and university libraries in Beijing
  • public libraries: the National Library of China, Shanghai Library

2.What types of books can readers borrow?

  • College and university libraries in Beijing offer Chinese books loan.
  • The National Library of China and Shanghai Library offer both Chinese and foreign language books loan.

3.Amount and Charge

  • The readers can borrow 5 books once and keep one book for 28 days excluding logistics time. Overdue fine is decided by the library who owns the book.
  • Inter-library loan is free of charge.

4.How do readers apply for the inter-library loan?

  • Registration: Access BALIS馆际互借中心 and register with the student card number, mobilephone number and email. A verification email will be sent to the reader later.
  • Submission: Log in to BALIS馆际互借中心 and do some searching to find the book you want, then fill in the application form and submit.
  • Borrowing: When the book arrives at the library, readers will be informed via call and come to borrow the book at the card application desk on the 3rd floor of the main library. The book will be returned at the same place after reading.

Work hours: 8:00-12:00am, 2:00-5:30pm, form Monday to Friday

Telephone: 010-51683474

Location:the card application desk on the 3rd floor of the main library

II.Beijing University and College Library Consortium

Beijing University and College Library Consortium  has 39 members among which the inter-library loan service is offered.

1.Readers with their library cards come to the card application desk on the 3rd floor of the main library to apply for the inter-library loan card.

2.Readers should return the inter-library loan card timely.

3.Readers with the inter-library loan card can borrow Chinese books, read paper books and journals, search databases in the electronic reading rooms.

4.Rights and limits: Every reader can borrow 2 inter-library loan cards every time and keep each of them for 30 days. If it is overdue, 0.1 RMB should be paid per day. It is the book-lending library’s right to decide the book loan period.