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How to make use of the library...

Self-Study Area

Self-Study Area

Seats: Beijing Jiaotong University Library provides 1314 reading seats, including 528 seats on the second and the forth floors in the Reading Department, 372 seats on the third floor in the Circulation Department, and 414 seats on the fifth floor in the Self-Study Room 1 and 2 which can be reserved.

Hours: Monday to Sunday 8:00—22:00 for the seats in the Reading Department and the Circulation Department, Monday to Sunday 7:00—22:00 for the seats in the Self-Study Room

How to search the library collections for paper and electronic resources...

Beijing Jiaotong University library collection features railway transportation, the university’s main discipline, and also covers other disciplines such as engineering, management, economics, science, humanities and social sciences, law, philosophy. The library collection amounts to more than 7,938,500 volumes, including more than 1,896,000 paper resources, more than 2,570,000 electronic books and other electronic resources, and net resources of more than 3,470,000 volumes. Furthermore, the library offers 185 Chinese and foreign language databases such as CNKI, Wanfang, SSCI, SCI and EI, more than 31,000 kinds of Chinese and foreign language fulltext electronic journals, more than 2,768,000 Chinese and foreign language theses and dissertations, and more than 77,000 volumes of Chinese and foreign language proceedings and standards.

After signing in My Library, you can check out the information of your loans, renew or reserve books.

How to identify yourself:

1.User ID: salary number for faculty, student number for registered students

2.Verification: the initial password is 666.

Electronic Resources

Electronic Resources

Siyuan Search: Siyuan Search, whose retrieval mode is similar to Google, is a one-stop resource discovery platform provided by the library to help readers discover and access the physical and digital collections owned by the library and various remote databases, electronic resources subscribed by the library.

Database resources: including Chinese and foreign language databases, theses and dissertations, video resources, and self-built special databases, providing teaching, research and study support for readers.

How to access resources outside the library…

Interlibrary loan service is to borrow the books that are owned by other libraries for our readers. Via this service, readers can borrow the books from all universities in Beijing, the National Library and the Shanghai Library for free.

Eligible users: registered students of our school, on-the-job or retired faculty

Through the balis system, deliver the full texts of domestic and foreign literatures that are not collected in the library.

In order to meet readers’ demands better, enrich the library collections, and improve the service quality, our library has established the "Reader Recommendation Service". Readers can recommend books, periodicals, electronic resources or other types of resources for the library to purchase as long as the readers need them for study, teaching or research. We will try to meet readers’ requirements according to the collection principle. There are two ways of recommendation: using the OPAC Reader Recommendation or contacting the librarians on duty.

How to access the library digital resources from off-campus…

How to access the library digital resources from off-campus…

How to obtain and make better use of the literature information…

Information literacy Instruction

Information literacy Instruction

Information Retrieval or Scientific Documents Retrieval course is a scientific method which concerns to train the readers’ information awareness and enable them to master the skill of searching, accessing, evaluating and using the literature information.

Do you want to know what resources the library has? Do you want to take advantage of the services provided by the library? Database training will introduce the library's information resources, retrieval methods, academic support services and so on comprehensively, helping you make better use of the library.

Reading makes you a better you

Through annual contributions on a topic and competitions for book reviews, student who receives an award can obtain a certificate and be praised.

There will be various activities, such as database training, exhibitions, salons, etc., organized by the library during the cultural week.